ESPEJO, ESPEJO feature film – Rodar y Rodar, Netflix, (coming soon)

Feature Film to be realesed on 2021

Rodar y Rodar, RTVE, NETFLIX, TV3


4 staffers at a cosmetics firm in its 50th year: the marketing director who is almost as old himself, a 25 year old ambitious female assistant, her sister being pushed to “come out,” and an insecure chubby 40 year old administrator.

Cast: Natalia de Molina, Santi Millan, Carlos Areces, Malena Alterio, Carlos Bardem, Loles Leon, Veronica Forque, Silvia Abascal, Toni Acosta…

Prod Co: Rodar y Rodar

Director: Marc Crehuet

Writer : Marc Crehuet

Executive Producer: Mar Targarona, Joaquin Padro, Dani Padro

Production Design: Anna Vilella

Dop : Pol Orpinell Freixa, AEC


pic by : Quim Vives