Danse la danse

Director: Alain Deymier
Production: Jean Luc Ducasse
Cinematographer: Pol Orpinell Freixa
Format: Epic + Arri 2.1 / S16mm
Feature film documentary “Danse la danse”
In July 2010 the spanish national dance company CND, is doing a tour in Moscow’s theaters, Mossoveta and Bolshoi. Those are the last shows with Nacho Duato as a director of the company after 20 years; he leaves the company to be the director of Michailovsky Ballets of Saint Peterbourg. The movie is a testimony of those last days of Nacho Duato with the CND

*Winner at the XXVII Black International Cinema Berlin 2012 festival . Selected at IDFA 2012, DOCSDF 2012 México, Festival Internacional de Video Danza la Habana, Dance Camera West, L.A …