Once again with my friend and director Ben Lacour shooting! This time  a beautiful  black and white commercial around Nairobi, Kenya. For the telecomunications company Safaricom and with Fat Rain as the production company.  Here one still during the shooting: He’s Eugene, and was our art director 😉


Starting a very special artistic documentary project that we will be shooting during 1 year and a half aprox in separate dates… all over the world! Excited! The director is Pedro Ballesterors and is a Mallerich Films production…At the moment secret…;) will keep updated… here my friend and usual focus puller Manu Cañas in one day of the shooting:


And these last months Ive been really busy shooting the tv serials “Benvinguts a la Familia” for Filmax and Arca Productions sharing cinematography and learning a lot from my friend Gris Jordana, and working with directors such as Pau Freixas, Nely Reguera, Paco Caballero, Alejandro Marzoa or Begoña Alvarez …big thanks to all the crew and all the people involved..its been a really hard and great experience been shooting there for 53 days!




Shooting in Dubai for Porsche with my friend and director Silverio Canto! Thanks Silverio! Nice experience to be lighting there!



Crazy shooting for desperados and 12 cameras! Helicopter, drones, alexas…divertimento with the great director Ryan Staake  for 24/7  the producer was  Sem Rossi many thanks as always for the chance!



Holidays!!!! Back early september with full energy and new projects on the horizon!!



Once again with my friend and beloved director Ben Lacour…this time a crazy road movie adventure shooting all over Ivory Coast!! For Orange again, I hope soon its going to be in my website because we feel really proud!! Thanks again Ben!



Thanks to Silverio Canto director for the chance! We’ve been shooting a Toyota comercial in Arabia Saudi for the Ramadan time!  And its been a super pleasure!



Wonderful and really hard experience shooting in Liberia, Africa!  In the picture having fun with the director Ben Lacour in the back of the police pickup moving around Monrovia the capital ! Thanks to all the crew for these hardworking days!

rodatge liberia


Once again with the great team at the Munchausen production company this time shooting with the director Jaanus Vahtra. Having fun with the beautiful Lomo Square front and the night in my beloved Barcelona!

vinitto01 vinitto02


Such an amazing experience to be shooting 7 days with the percebeiros at Galiza! This time for Nissan and the production company Mammateam! Thanks to the director Vicente Gil for this amazing days!!




Our commercial Iron Man for Braun is officially nominated to Best Cinematography! At the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival! So so happy! I hope we win! Once again thanks to the director Manuel Portillo and all my crew!!




So Happy!! Adidas Neo campaign! Two days shooting with the people of Priestley and 24/7 doing the service!  A mix of k35 canon lenses, zooms,  alexa, digital bolex, 5d canons, iphones and dancers models…what else??? A great pleasure to be working with the director Ashley O’neil! Thanks for the chance!

adidas1 adidas2


Allways a pleasure to work with old friends! Once again with Copilotos and Antonio Banderas! This time in a beautiful hotel in London! Yeah!

ab2 ab01



Bye bye 2016!  Hola 2017!

sombra pol selva


A lot of work this lasts months at the end of the year! Ive been shooting several commercials and a part of a beautiful documentary!  And more exciting projects to come for this 2017  that is starting!




Després d’uns mesos d’espera… sóc l’home més feliç de la terra! After a few months waiting…now Im the happiest man on earth!




Beautiful experience enjoying these days in Italy shooting with Fabrizio Mari. Really grateful to have this opportunity, thanks Fabrizio and Agatha for this funny days! I hope there are more to come!




Funny shooting for Optica Universitària! Working for the first time with the great director Marc Ortiz  and thanks to the people of la Malanga Productions for the chance!

Captura de pantalla 2016-07-21 a las 12.18.14




So happy to be interviewed at the blog of Zeferino! Check it out!

Captura de pantalla 2016-07-21 a las 12.13.27

The interview HERE


Its always great to meet new pasionate directors, this time it was a nice experience to work with Manuel Portillo exploring the limits of the black and white and the Alexa.  It was not  a usual commercial, half music video half fashion film… coming soon!

…and here the great gaffer Alex during the technical reccie…:



5 days shooting in Swansea for the new commercial of Joma! Enjoying that time with my friend and director Gabriel Azorin! The good work of the production company Filmmaster, and another good friend at the agency Irene Choclan..coming soon…



This time, working with the director and photographer Hervé Plumet  for Ursus, France! For a strange and funny spy history…yeah!

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-04 a las 16.58.44


Laughs and hardwork at this shooting with ConectaFilms and AmalurFilms in a Service for AccionFilms Chile directing the great Reca ! Thanks for this funny days guys!



Some pictures I did with my beloved Leica CL camera during the Patagonia trip this winter are now on my instagram you can follow me !



So happy to start  working this 2016  with the production company Garage Films with the director Juan Flesca , this time a funny comercial for Volkswagen ! Thanks to all the team!

IMG_20160226_090749 IMG_20160226_173539


After this busy year, Im getting lost a few days in Argentina, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego incredible wilderness…



So happy to open to new horizons! Now I have representation in Germany for Driven By Creatives  my agent is Halina Dietrich with whom I am very grateful for the confidence ! Lets start this new adventure!

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-25 a las 10.58.54


So happy to work with the director Joana Colomar for Decathlon ! The production company was The Production Club . Really fast shooting inside a gym! Fitness shooting! Thanks to Axel Marin for the hard work with the steadycam.

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-30 a las 12.14.12



Funny shooting with the finish director Markus Virpiö ! For the production company Münchhausen , a very nice crew , I hope this is not the last time we work together!




Second commercial for The Independent Club in Andorra, this time for Caldea! First time shooting underwater with a profesional scuba cam operator. And so happy to work finally with the director  Ginesta Guindal  !


Happy to work for the first time with the production company Twenty Four Seven , it was a short and funny commercial with the french director Comme Ferré for the brand “Beats” , our talent was the rugby player Sebastien Chabal !


Super funny and hot shooting in Toledo! Almost 40ºC all the time! This one a commercial for Flora. The best part sometimes in this job is to know nice people. I spend a great time with the talented director David B. Godin , and his producer Sasha! Thanks to Dr Troy for the opportunity!



Vuelta a la ficción! Gran felicidad de volver a este género, esta vez con un cortometraje, primer y espero que no último rodaje con la directora colombiana Liliana Diaz y el equipo de Black Factory !  Y muchísimas gracias a Nathan Blume de Prism  por su increíble ayuda! Estoy seguro que quedará un corto maravilloso!



This one for Catalunya Caixa. Short and relaxed shooting with Oxígeno Productions. Happy to know  and work with the director  Martin Allais , thanks for the chance! and hope next time we make a longer one!


This one was the surrealistic shooting of the year..and also funny! We did with the production company Axis, and the director Carlota Castells a kind of documentary/commercial style of an abandoned village called Conill in Tàrrega , the strange thing is that the agency has the same name of the vilage but they’re located in Miami!  So funny interviews, and hours of shooting around trees, stones, insects…




I discover such a beautiful city, country and culture, shooting in Tunis. Thanks to all the people at Propaganda for this funny days of hard work and shooting! Happy to know the director Giancarlo Spinetti, and work with him…I will not forget our romantic dinners at the hotel jajaja…



Aquest any paral·lelament a la publi i altres projectes també estic rodant amb el realitzador Raul Cuevas  i la productora Sticaki una serie de petits documentals i entrevistes per Tv3, que segurament es dirà Gent Normal , encara estem en fase de rodatge, però és un autèntic plaer tornar als equips petits i a l’experiència i aprenantatge en primera persona! Molt content de formar-ne part!

foto3 foto 2



This  one was a small but precious production. For Oniric Events with Jordi Cussó as director.  A small shortfilm for the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival. A nice ephimeral danse with the views of all Barcelona. Waiting while the sun was going down, using the change of the natural light as a narrative element. So happy to try the Kowa Anamorphic Lenses set from my friend Edu Grau . Thank you to Manu Cañas for being a great camera assistant even when the budget is low, thanks to Jordi for the nice script and the chance, and to all the people from the production company for the motivation and the good vibes!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset



First work with LaJoyaProducciones this time withe Iago Blasi , we shoot a whole night a super cool dancer preparing a cocktail…The comercial was for Ron Brugal. Interesting to shoot with UV light and mix all this colors! Thanks to Judith and Iago for the chance!

foto 2 foto 1


I aquest va ser un rodatge força especial, ja que va ser de segona unitat, però aquest cop el DOP era el Pau Esteve , company de clase, de molts rodatges / aventures passades de quan erem estudiants a l’ESCAC. Va ser una pasada tornar a treballar amb ell, encara que fos només un dia, va ser suficient per veure que segueix sent el mateix, però millor dire de foto 😉  Moltes gràcies Pau!  Ah, el rodatge era una publi de la productora Fandango per BBVA que dirigia el Rafa Cortés, també va ser un plaer treballar amb ell .

IMG_0770 IMG_0785



Primer rodaje con la gente de Filmmaster en Madrid! Muy agradecido con Irene Choclan la producer que me abrió las puertas al proyecto y encantadísimo de trabajar  y conocer Gabriel , lo pasé genial, espero que este pequeño equipo siga por mucho tiempo, porque trabajar así no tiene precio…

11010528_516882461787571_2687068113365092793_n 10995586_516882225120928_4775853137498100465_n IMG_0757 IMG_0755


This one was a challenge…to light a  black square with hundreds of mirrors and reflections inside..and Ferran Adrià and two cameras following him…crazy and exciting shooting!! For Don Perignon and ElBulli. Thanks to Ryan Hopkinson  and Smile for the opportunity!

foto foto copia


New production companies appear on the road! Beautiful “Gondry” style comercial we shoot with Blai Graell for Sr Alce Films. Thanks to Blai for the opportunity!




Happy to shoot again with old friends! This time with two directors I’ve worked with several times, Pol Penas and Joan Guasch. In a very original commercial. Using the Blackmagic 4k with Canon serie L lenses. For this shooting was an excellent camera, because we need a lot of information for the postpo and at the same time a light camera. The client was Carhartt also old friends that we have worked with before. I expect to show soon the final cut!



New year, new reel. And new style for the website! Thank you  Juan Felipe the webmaster for your work! More adventures for this 2015 are coming…


The first shooting this year was for the  Guarani indigenous community at Misiones Argentina, next to the Iguazú Falls, recording for them some traditional songs, and rithuals….a great oportunity to know better our roots,  learn a lot from them and enjoy the jungle…

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

December 2014

Thank you Erik Van Wyk and MercurioFilms for the chance! I did my first comercial with ViviFilms for Fiat, it was an interesting experience to work with children that fast!

IMG_9820 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Its not only about commercials… we are starting to prepare a documentary project with my friend the director Norma Nebot fo the ngo SostreCivic, hope we find our way to produce it! At this moment we’re finishing the teaser with a lot of patience…we spend hours doing old style animation on walls…crazy.. Thanks Juan Felipe Mejia and Genis Rigol!


September 2014

In a more “freestyle road movie way” we shoot the Stow and Son commercial , shooting around Portugal and Galicia, hard work and fun! Once again with Audikana for Sopa!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset IMG_9365

June 2014

Muy contento de compartir los creditos con mi amigo Iñaki Gorraiz   en este videoclip de la cantante Ruth Lorenzo para Eurovision, yo estaba más en luces y él en camara! Gran equipo!


It was fun to light all this neanderthals figures for the Canal + commercial! For Sopa de Toro, and directed by Audikana

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


May 2014

Once again with my old friend Pol Penas , this time  La Malanga Productions for the Carnet Jove comercial, amazing crew !

IMG_9775 IMG_9738 IMG_9777

Un placer conocer y trabajar con Santi Winer para Blur ,  y genial reencontrar compañeros de antiguas batallas como Anahi Puig o Anna Mayolas. Todo un dia bajo el sol dónde el protagonista era un maravilloso perro para un anuncio de Coca-Cola, y otro más con  trabajo mas especifico de iluminación para Couldina. Gracias Santi por la oportunidad!

IMG_8438 IMG_8507

April 2014

So happy to work as a third camera for a feature film that the director Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace, World War Z, Monster’s Ball) is preparing all over europe, I was shooting one day at la Tomatina, Castellón! Thanks to the dop Matthias Koenigswieser for the chance!  great great experience!


Otro anuncio con Audikana para Sopa de Toro, para el museo Guggenheim   disfrutamos mucho experimentando con texturas, pinturas, luces y colores…un gustazo!

IMG_9579 IMG_9577

March 2014

A lot of work this year with PetraGarmon Films, we worked for Banc de Sabadell, FC Barcelona, … happy production company happy people!

10492141_710914765612362_3944668735036119403_n 10534685_724703737566798_5826232673906774755_n

February 2014

I started to work with Sopa de Toro and the ditector Audikana the first comercial we did was “Viajar a la Rioja” you can watch it in the Commercial section. Thanks Audikana and Enrique for the nice experience!

IMG_0481 IMG_0513

January 2014

Happy to work with some of the best DOP in Spain, as a third camera with Oscar Faura in a commercial with Neymar and Ken Block  for GoodGate Productions!

July 2013

Fuimos a México donde trabajé una vez más en el Canal 11 y Pisito 13 con mi amigo el director Alex Andrade. Hicimos una serie documental llamada “Hacen el bien y miran a quien” Tubimos la oportunidad de conocer el trabajo de varias ong’s de todo el país mexicano, vimos un montón de tristes realidades a través de su trabajo, al igual que humanidad y esperanza.Alejandro Durán el productor con cara de circumstancias…


May 2013

We spent almost a year travelling, and I had the chance to work in Ecuador as a cinematographer and as a teacher of cinematography at the University of Cinema of Ecuador (ProCine )         These are my students!



This year has been amazing, because I spent most of the time travelling with my partner. From Argentina to Cuba passing through Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico!  ( We’re writing a blog with some information of the journey, maybe you like it if you love to travel )